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    this glitchxxx cultures thread is focused on the social complexity of community, participation/access, and representation in glitch visual cultures. the xxx specifically refers to the complexxxity of gender and sexxxuality currents in glitch and related new media practices and takes notice of the presence of homogeny, sexual objectification, and co-option in the community.  this forum will be used to generate discourse related to glitchxxx, host guests from a range of intersecting studio and research practices, and share reading/references in relation to planned activity irl. current themes include: community, artifacts, and alternative realities.



    Here’s a longer version (written by Jessica Westbrook):
    Our focus
    The traxx we are organizing is called “glitchxxx cultures.” Glitchxxx cultures is focused on the social complexity of community, participation/access, and representation in glitch culture. There are obvious patterns present in the glitch communities (and other tech-oriented cultures) we want to consider here –> and these patterns always seem to cycle back to gender and sex, inheritance (tradition), and power structures (language, priorities, and expectations).  The xxx in the title specifically refers to the complexxxity of gender and sexxxuality currents in glitch and related new media practices, and takes notice of the presence of homogeny (lack of diversity/participants in activity, possible related social/language and economic conditions in place), strong presence of sexual objectification (the impact of hetero porn oriented presence on wider participation/demographic/broader thinking), and co-option (of female sexuality).

    While the glitch new media community/aesthetic/activity –  is just one facet/niche of new media oriented practice (art+computers), it does have a strong presence currently (especially in Chicago). Within the glitch community there is a presence of women via sexualized imagery/language, but not a lot of women and/or other more diverse populations participating in the community dynamic beyond this scope. Why? Is this a microcosm of the barriers/challenges of community, structure, language, power? Is this a microcosm of the barriers/challenges of women in tech? Is this yet another art movement that co-ops female sexuality/spectacle — e.g. Luncheon on the Grass, Manet? Is there room for alt gender, sex, power dynamics?– e.g. woman made masterbation material? How is a broader context for alt reality, gender, sex, power dynamics present/articulated in the community?

    theme 1: Community –> Inclusion, structures, and power / for who?
    theme 2: Artifacts –> Luncheon on the Grass, inheritance / gender, sex, others
    theme 3: Artifacts –> Critical re-enactments and or your dad’s porn / woman-made
    theme 4: Alt Realities –> Perspectives on gender (nonconformity), queer, fantasy

    Goals in all this
    Investigate contemporary life, art, dynamics, community
    Ask big questions
    Collect a wide array of resources and discourse that havent been collected before
    Have fun collaborating with a wide range of artists, designers, scholars; some studio activity too!
    Publish/share the info in a way that it will be useful to others as a resource/reference

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    Perhaps pertinent to this discussion are female authored porn vids/movies. Please dump.

    Shu Lea Chang’s IKU (2000) is a sci-fi Japanese porn movie.

    To complete the I.K.U. system, it is necessary to collect the orgasm data of every kind of person. So the GENOM Corporation sends out to New Tokyo seven sexy replicants “Reiko”, who can transform themselves depending on prople’s desires.

    “I.K.U.” is a sexy role-playing movie of orgasm hunting by the seven “Reiko”.

    (Iku means “orgasm” in Japanese.)



    Maybe you find this interesting. It’s a sound album that I made a while ago from screenshots taken from porn videos: Stereoscopic Laid It was made through a data bending process, I didn’t edit the resulting sound files in any way, I just combined two files generated from a stereoscopic image in the same track. The initial concept was transposing porn into something nonvisual and really abstract, but without changing anything, just saving the image files into another format.

    “Stereoscopic laid is an experiment in sound. What you are hearing are not ’sounds’, in fact, are ‘images’. The idea behind this album was to generate sound tracks equivalent to stereoscopic images, in which you see a sightly different point of view of the same scene with each eye, creating the illusion of depth.

    The process was really simple, I chose for each track an image and I generated two similar versions with a minor deviation, similar to the perspectives that both eyes naturally perceive in binocular vision. Then I converted the jpg files in wav files through a process of data bending. What you are hearing is a stereo sound file in which the left channel is equivalent to the left eye and viceversa. I recommend listening to it using headphones.”


    via the D1RTY N3W M3DI∆ styles, Shawne ` Michaelain Holloway AKA missholloway has the following project that fits the descriptors of  ”woman made masterbation material” as described abv:



    ^beauty. I am prompted to think of Faith Holland’s ideas on the feminine structure of the internet, “cosmic pussy” etc., or as she’s insinuated in her found footage supercuts, RIP Geocities




    I’ve definitely been thinking of the internet as a pussy, and trying to define that idea more clearly than RIP Geocities, which was a big jumping off point for me.  I’m working a “pornographic” website  tactically confuses imagery of the Internet as being of, as I like to call it, cyberpussies.  The work isn’t done and not public (though some individual images can be seen on my tumblr:, but I wanted to point to Bindigirl, a piece by Prema Murthy that has been really important to me in developing my work:


    @_blank –> i’d be interested in hearing/reading more about “The initial concept was transposing porn into something nonvisual and really abstract” — is the source/reference still important once its completely transformed into something else? is the source/reference — a default? a general? a surprise? a secret?


    @shawne via jonCates –> i looked up “tribute” just to make sure i had all the language/indications/codes –> “An act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.”  then i watched/listened // the work seems well considered, use of very dramatic imagery and sounds (penetration, sirens, “scares me”) — the audio/interrogation/tone and use of dialogue is transformative over time, the editing supports the story, use of datamoshing transcends/interrupts literal flows (rough-push-giddy) … my questions would be related to platforms/contexts – where and for who? does that matter at this point? platform – what about what about “toolkit” – is this a toolkit? what does it fix or make? context – does this work have to be considered “dirty”? – why? is “dirty” safer/easier? if it were in a white cube what would change? and finally a formation questions — is the geometry/triangle symbol a reference to something specific?  disclaimer: my students know i bug out about triangles. last note: i know shawne b/c i work with her and through conversations i have more scope of her research/thinking which intersects some complexities of sex, gender, demographics, nonconformity… finding a community/connecting with people you can trust…  she should write more. poke nudge


    hi @asugarhigh — how is internet pussy coming along? is this a ref to labor/production? language? traps? since you mentioned Prema Murthy I will post an interview from way back



    quick note to all of the above for reading and participating, much appreciation for all the thoughts and resources/refs



    hey jessica!  thanks for link!

    i’ve been doing a lot of writing about the project, but it’s still hard to give a short synopsis.  BUT, as simply as possible, the project is trying to re-envision the internet as a pussy in order to: 1) acknowledge women’s presence online/re-align the space as not being male dominated and 2) point to the constructedness of gender and how technology can be helpful to that discourse.  i am also trying to tackle the issue of language surrounding the vagina–finding a new textual/visual vocabulary that is NOT lack/void/dearth/etc. and also NOT nature.  there’s also the issue of the historical commercialization of the internet and how that is intertwined with pornography.

    the work isn’t public yet, but i’d be happy to share it with you privately if you’re interested.

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