Is there no glitch text art?


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    Mr Hunter

    I am new to this site and only found it through Kickstarter. I was wondering, is there no text glitch art? It all seems to be images, I can’t find any generators for it either… maybe I should make some if I understood it a little more.

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    Greetings Mr Hunter! Welcome!
    Great question: as for text in/as language, you may want to check out the  ouLANGltchpo Thread…

    You should totally make some generators! What are you thinking about generating?
    As for artists working with text, here’s a little list off the top of my head, I know I’m missing folks:

    Ricty; a font made through the font glitched ttf generator by youpy.

    Dataface is a glitched typeface by hellocatfood:

    The Facebook artist Glitchr takes advantage of unicode and esoteric symbols:
    also known as Zalgo:

    ABillMiller is an artist exploring ASCII Art:

    PS: ABillMiller and hellocatfood are doing a panel for GLI.TC/H in Chicago on Dec 7, 2112:



    a lot of text-based glitch work is in the form of images or other media:

    so there’s a distinction to be made between glitch art that is text-based or -derived, work that is text-dependent but ancillary (such as the aforementioned glitch fonts), and works of glitch text as text. now, whether this distinction is important is up for debate.

    also, due to the nature of glitch, text-derived glitch work won’t necessarily be recognizable as text. for example, this piece by arratik is a transcoded copy of mein kampf:


    Mr Hunter

    Ahh yes thank you jon, I have been following glitchr for some months now and his work is awesome, thats the kind of stuff I want to do. I prefer ascii art mostly because it can be used anywhere on the internet! Zalgo has been around for a while, I will continue looking into unicode and esoteric symbols. Thanks for your help!



    you may also be interested in daniel temkin’s unicode frenzy and the facebook groups like this one devoted to unicode poetry/art/etc


    Yeah!! there def is GLITCH related ASCII artZ

    I have been exploring this topic for a bit now… and have recently presented on the topic and will again! Our paper will appear online soon, but in the meantime the above linX are great as well as - which is run mostly by GOTO80 and covers a variety of textmode expressions.. som relate to glitch som not




    Mr Hunter

    Ok so I am taking a look at some of the generators and getting an idea how they are, although there is a piece of information that I’m not quite sure what it does, so I figured who better then to ask you guys
    String.fromCharCode(Math.floor(Math.random() * 0x4fff));
    I think its some sort of hex code, thanks in advance.



    I know I am late to the game here, but I am currently curating a glitch text/ glitch poetry tumblr gallery:

    I’ve seen a great deal of text use in glitch art, much of it asemic in nature, but a great deal of what I’ve found is grounded in a literary tradition and the glitch is a purposeful obfuscation of its use. I’ve thrown a rather wide net out regarding what is “glitch” here, I know. I even have a few paper cut ups. That said, there is definitely a developing interest in using text in glitch art, and it is going in a great many directions.

    If you have generated any work, I’d love to share it!


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