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    palette controller machine
    machine that sits on the tongue and blocks you from saying negative things

    person to chair to person
    punctuation – removal of words from speech – but maintaining pauses, tone, etc
    ear baffles
    inflection sucker
    thesaurus replacement — fills in synonyms for used words
    dumb translation — either transliteration
    newspeak translator — move to simpler, more clear but less expressive wordings
    positive / negativize
    face alternation
    realtime word-replacement collaboration
    jargon wordbank — words that are temporarily banned — forming a leetspeak — force people to talk about something without using the same commonly used vocabulary
    twitterbot — raids based on /b/ carpentry for glitch — raid glitch community with carpentry images
    - raiding the other working groups
    - gesturing at other working groups based on phrases they use
    - how far can we push them off-topic in specific directions?
    - medical supplies
    - it needs to reveal something interesting inherent in the conversation they’ve already been having
    - tweet quotes from existing conversations, hashtag carpentry
    - looking for the fulcrum (in Deleuzean terms)
    “the game”
    slow glitch / ambient glitch / black rectangles



    <header>Glitching the Signal at the Source (server/mouthGltching) / Glitching the Signal at the Destination (client/earGltching)</header>


    two people: each person put marbles in mouth and cloth in ears. tie your hands behind your back. converse.

    variation: put marbles in the cone of an upturned speaker. wrap cloth around a microphone. broadcast a signal and record it.


    program hardware that contacts your tongue and causes it to only say healthy things.
    program hardware to contact your ears and causes them to only hear unhealthy things.
    attach a biofeedback mechanism on the receing human to determine whether the source signal is have the desired effect. If not, modulate the sending and receiving hardware.

    server side:
    back and forth phrase, keep “meaning” but don’t re-use any words
    several people in on it, but not one person. how long can you keep this going without that person (the punk’d-ered) knowing about it.
    no word at all repeated.
    weak version: allowed to repeat pronouns.

    Glossary Larding:
    Ask the open question: “Expect the glitch; prepare for the glitch.” Collect key words. These are the seed words.
    Two cards. One color.
    Two words from a prepared stack — write a phrase that connects them.
    Collect all the cards.

    Then… based on the criteria “as we expect the glitch; prepare for the glitch.
    Sort them, higher to lower, one at a time, starting in the middle.


    person to chair to person. talk to other thing in the environment.

    Then/also… Do this with sounds instead of words.

    Speak to objects in the presence of other people (an coffee cup).
    Then change the object (water bottle, oscillating fan). You may talk directly to other humans, but don’t be rude to the object.

    Then do this with a photograph of an object, then talk to a 3D model of an object. Then talk to a dictionary definition of an object. (cf: Kosuth)

    Then (a la Eliza cum Turing), set up an online environment, where you talk to a digital object, and sometimes either a human or a bot, you don’t know which, also talk to that digital object in your (and its) presence.


    Write a piece of software for the machine to read, a piece of software that has no human-readable output (other than watching the CPU usage fluctuating).

    Write two bots that communicate with each other in the machine, but no humans ever read their output. Have them communicate in human-readable languages (that go unread by humans). {They are always already communicating in binary.}
    cf: quantz vs. loudbot (two twitter-bots that accidentally fell into conversation.)
    (spam algorithms and spam filters have been arguing with each other for years.)
    cf: the speed of


    Print language on clothing. All day long, only speak with the language on the clothing you are wearing. (You can’t have a digital dictionary on a hard drive built into your underwear.)

    don’t speak the words, only point to them on your clothing.




    meta-meta constraints for coders.


    forking/suggesting functional glitched changes in gitHub to people’s software. (for example, create variables with 200 variables). {Eclipse is a useful too for this.}


    Create/tweak a glitch code obfuscator. (using L33tspeak, etc.) Iteratively obfuscate your obfuscations until it becomes not human readable.


    increase pauses when speaking. speed up pauses in speaking.
    Score a piece where speakers jam according to rules.


    a long glitch. (over 50 years.) to add more homonymic meanings, to make language more fecund.


    Try to use glitched language to cause a person to do something beginning with a glitched lexicon and glitched syntax.


    To create a glitched grammatical system, the rules of which change based on its usage in real time.
    cf: 4chan. micro-online accellerated meme communities are already doing this.

    Have a bot prompt what you are going to say. And have the bot drift in its usage of grammar. You are trying to get someone to do something based on your interpretation of the slippage of the bots langauge.


    disYouMeme? undefining.
    hijacking google’s “did you mean?” to suggest your wrong spelling in lieu of the “correct” spelling.


    a Whale as Amazon mechanical turk. Ask a question, play a whale sound, and then have a human interpret the whale sound as the answer to the question. (Do this via mechanical turk.) Ask them, “what is the Whale’s answer to this question.” Ask these questions to fisherman who hunt whales.


    Write a whale bot that sends whale song/speak input to cleverbot and get it to speak whale.

    Create a whale speech to ascii text converter. Create/find a dingbat typeface based on sea creatures.

    Take a text about glitch (these constraints themselves? text from other glitch threads). Run it through florian kramer’s auto Gysin or Tzara generator. Send this glitched text to >>>

    GlitchSort letterforms. Do a live performance where a vj is using glitchsort software to control projected visuals and audio while a human is “reading” the glithed typography.

    select a single world in a human language spoken and understood by the speakers/listeners. communicate using only that single word. have a conversation about that word itself.

    have two people who do not speak each other’s language have a conversation about language. if there is an audience, the audience should only know at most one of the spoken languages. do not admit anyone who knows both languages.


    inflection/semiotic sucker
    create a system that isolates pure affect without any semiotic meaning. speak. listen.
    create another system that isolates pure semiotic meaning without any affect. speak. listen.


    thesaurus replacement
    begin with a sentence. use a thesaurus to replace each words in the sentence with the first suggested word in the thesaurus. Once each word has been replaced, use a thesaurus to replace all of those new words with the second suggested word in the thesaurus. Do this to all the words as long as there are enough words in the thesaurus to keep replacing them. when you run out of synonyms, pick a word that seems close to you, then stop.

    train software to do this quickly.

    train software to do this while you are speaking in real time.


    read a language you don’t know and translate it into your native language based on what you feel like it means.
    cf: “bad lip reading” phenomenon on google
    get speech to language software to do this.


    newspeak translator — reduce all language where each word has only one possible meaning. (limit your language to half the words that you think it needs to be sensible).
    cf: basic english

    variation: divide the words of this language evenly among two speakers and have a conversation.

    variation: divide the words of this language unevenly among a group of speakers.


    say sad things while smiling. say happy things while frowning. say extraordinary things matter-of-factly. Say banal things enthusiastically. say neutral things neutrally.


    carpentry and medical supplies:
    begin with the online glitch glossary (ffd8.org/glitch_glossary) and develop a one-to-one replacement table that replaces commonly the words in a specialized discourse (aka jargon, ie something like the glitch glossary) with commonly used words from the fields of carpentry and medical supplies.

    replace them the glitch glossary words with words from the NYC Department of Education’s “banned words list.”

    at twitter, for all glitch-related posts, incorporate synonomous insights regarding carpentry and medical supplies.

    create an armada of twitter bot to post these comingled posts quicker.

    attend a glitch conference and infect all dialogue with language that detourns the conversation toward carpentry and medical supplies.
    cf: 4chan /b raids on the 4chan pornography thread wherein they replace pornography with pornography of trains.


    develop ways to slowly/ambiently glitch language over long time so that it become more polysemous (where each word has several multiple meanings rather than any specific single meaning).

    slowly glitch language so that the indefinite article “a” becomes a proper noun.
    cf: A. Bill Miller

    slowly glitch language so that it develops more words that are their own antonyms (like “cleave”), where context is the only way to determine their semiotic meaning.
    cf: Michael Jackson’s “Bad”


    Created a few images according to score from ouLANGltchpo. Can’t find it in this list, but was discussed at some point:

    “Glitch an image so hard it breaks. Result should be undisplayable”

    My experiment with it here: http://danieltemkin.com/blog/post/Glitch-Event-Score.aspx

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