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    Pixel sorting

    I am very excited by this brown bag sharing session facilitated by Paul Hertz and Ted Davis. I have seen people work in similar or connecting ways and wanted to start (yet another) thread to put these people in contact (if they want).

    Glitch Communities rely heavily on DIY software and software hacks. Again, in 2012 a lot of image codec protocols have seen the light of glitch. This Panel will feature the work of two frontrunning codec-/-pixelsort magicians.
    For a growing list of existing wares check the GLI.TC/H wiki.
    Paul Hertz has written a number of pixel sorting and algorithmic artwares. He will be sharing GlitchSort, which has been employed in the glitchuverse.
    Ted Davis aka FFD8 loves dissecting the heads and bodies of JPEGS. His tool HEADer_REMIX allows others to play with and learn from his scientific and artistic experiments. In this session, he will be sharing his “hexplorations”.

    Facilitated by: Paul HertzTed Davis

    Other people working on similar methods;

    - extrafile by Kim Asendorf (and the other pixel sorting work)

    - Another glitch-art project, still images, and moving too by Johan Larsby (I hope he will share it here)

    “take an image and divide it in small squares and index those squares. Then take another image and chunk that up aswell. Then try to find the chunk that looks most like the current chunk from the old image, and paint that chunk.”

    - Noah Eisenbruchs TextsTo Images project.

    … and more to come…

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    Johan Larsby

    I share now:

    Hope you like it, the source and all is in there. Exciting times!




    Here is a hastily thrown together selection: Navigation is currently back and forth to the index page, When I have time, I’ll make it more elegant. A large set of glitch art made with my GlitchSort Processing application can be found here:, and smaller sets selected from the big one here:
    Johan, the video is amazing, but the source is cut off. Could I get a copy? It would be really handy to have it to demo at the session Ted Davis and I are presenting.

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    yeah yeah- really dig that video! looking forward to hearing you tell us a bit about it.


    Johan Larsby

    I copied them to my dropbox, here are the links

    They should be synched in 30 minutes, it’s now 09:39 in Sweden.





    hey dudes!

    how to post images? i applied one, where is it gone?





    my pixel sorting pieces from 2010 (wonder if they inspired paul?):

    and this reminds me on johan’s piece, same strategie:



    Noah Eisenbruch

    so my TextsToImages (not official name) project was generated by removing everything but the header from a jpeg image. I then pasted in texts that are important to my work over and over to generate the image. I like to think that somewhere, someone has taught themselves how to read JPEG artifact language, in which case they would be able to understand the content of the texts just by looking at the images.



    Noah Eisenbruch

    Johan, what a great video. I will definitely try to have fun with your code a bit.

    Kim, truly amazing work as well. DID I SEE A PICTURE OF BILL NYE IN THERE?!



    Johan Larsby

    pornqueen looks very very much like the the stuff I made.

    Noah, thank you.


    This is all very very interesting and nice, I’m happy being part of this.


    DO we know how the session went? has it been?



    wish you a nice festival!!

    glotch 4ever!



    Ted and I showed and discussed Johan’s video on Friday morning. By Tuesday, Ted was in transit and I was caught up finishing the documentation for GlitchSort. On Thursday evening, I suddenly decided to make GlitchSort turn images into sound and also embed sound in images, and even forgot about GLi.TC/H until I finished coding, very early the next morning.

    We should have checked back to this topic. We would have been happy to include work from everyone, but didn’t notice that it had been posted. In any case, we hope to update the GLi.TC/H Wiki page on DIY software and include links there. I’ll also add links to the FB page for ViewSource/SourceView.

    I was aware of the possibility of using sorting for glitching before I became acquainted with your work along those lines, Kim. It’s possible that some of the work I saw was one of your mountain series, without attribution, on the FFFFOUND! image bookmarking website ( Bookmarking, tumblrs and blogs make all too easy to drop attribution. I wrote GlitchSort initially as a demo piece for my algorithms class and then found it was more than just a way to understand different sorting methods. Later, I found your code (I think Rosa provided a link to it sometime last summer).

    ViewSource/SourceView went well (an audience that groks coding always helps) and GLi.TC/H was hard-working fun.

    Thanks to all of you for sending us links and code. It will be shared.

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