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    Ryan ⊥ Dunn

    Tritriangle is vry happy to be ‘osting the events for GLI.TC/H 21211212! We want you to know what to expect for the ovents that r plannd, in a logistical sens.

    While the events planned are ‘open’, it is everyone’s expectation that wherever possible you are participating in the appropriate thread leading up to the events such that your arrival, and your community presence are best known. Basically, if your mouth isn’t open, your fingers aren’t typing, you haven’t made a phone call or written a letter, sidewalk chalked at HCL, flown a plane with a banner or skywritten, or simply SHOWN UP to the threads, that you’re not going to come at the last minute to perform and think we’ll be unequivocally happy to see you. But we might. Who knows.

    Soon to be posted:
    A list of equipment Tritriangle/GLI.TC/H will be able to provide for the event.
    Open to more.

    Here we discuss ideas for use of space and proposals which require coordination with Tritriangle directors.



    within the DNMw3rkstation thread, i’m looking at setting up some kind of collaborative animation workshop http://working.gli.tc/forums/topic/open-scene/  that would have a final output online, and if possible also within one of the output nights at tritriangle. could be a one time screening, or a looping install. having it on saturday would give us more time to workshop n animate, but friday could probably work as well


    @ricksilva the workshop sounds (A)wesum! — online release is gr8 ++ there are a couple of ways of fitting physically into TriTriangle thru projection or on monitor(s) “windows” into yawls glitchy wwworld(s)… Maybe FRI will lend itself to the 03P3NR3P0 (coming soon at http://gli.tc/h) && SAT will feature DNMw3rkstation? Iz flexi if xperiments wanna be shown FRI too, but, I agree wit ewe on SAT! :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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