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    I think it would be great to start a list of stuff you guys want / would like / dream of having for the thread. Than in the coming weeks we can probe people and start collecting stuff, via GLI.TC/H channels etc.

    Maybe here in the form of a wishlist?

    - tools

    - obsolete hardware

    - not so obsolete yet jummie hardware

    - etc…



    Great. Dream list, I think a lot of this could/should be collected for free:


     x 10 / 15 CRT Screen (any shape, size, color or black&white).
     Few RF video modulator (so we can use the older monitors who don’t have composite in)


    Some video hardware to hack:

    Game Console (Atari, Nes, etc…)
    GameBoy, and other hand held video games
    Ancient video mixers
    Old Computers
    (Handy to have couple of 2.4GHz small cam + receiver to use in the line, those could be new as it’s super cheap)
    + Random AV old stuff…


    Some Audio Hardware:

    Amps + Speakers
    Music toys
    + Random Audio stuff


    General Hardware for moving parts:

    Old microwave (can use motors inside)
    Dico Ball



    A LOT of wire (threaded wire 3mm, or speaker wire). Ideally roll of different colors. We could get rolls of 50m x 5
    Soldering Irons
    Pliers (cutters and small electronic tools)
    Screw drivers
    Gaffer tape





    we also:

    alligator clips
    some old camcorder


    Alex Halbert

    It would be great if we had sort of a scrap pile of small televisions.  Since each type of screen produces different outputs it could be interesting to demonstrate these variations via video feedback.  Also, I have a SNES with a Gameboy Camera attached and a few different Videonics mixers that I plan to bring.


    this is just an idea but what about an “electronic potluck” kind of thing  for example i have  some old tvs and game systems, etc that i would be more then happy to donate.  it would be rad to see what everybody brings and what gets made  just an idea though



    Alex Halbert

    I like that idea.  I would be happy to donate some stuff but I would suggest that it is also ok to bring   some personal equipment.  So I guess that would be more like a donate if you can situation.  That way we could have more then we need to experiment and collaborate with and hopefully create something more unique then what we would have originally planned.  I hope I am correct in thinking that this will be a group effort…



    yes it is suppose a group effort, and more important all devices shoud connect to one or more other devices in the chain, that way it is really about building a network, and getting the devices to interact (and not be putting next to each other unique, stand alone projects):

    See time laps video of the making of version 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBWN6qzvIV4&feature=youtu.be



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    Alex Halbert

    Ya I’ve actually seen that before.  I really like that piece and it is what I had in mind when reading through the forums.  However, Dave Musgrave and I have been talking about multiple devices working together for a little while and one idea that we both got excited about was that each piece of hardware that the signal is sent through is also as playable as any other circuit bending instrument.  So then everyone in the group will be adding to the final output in real time… Maybe?



    well usually we have multiple outputs, but nothing prevent us from doing this too… I mean we have a context and a method, after that it’s pretty open, and it will change and grow as we work on it… pretty excited about ,meeting you all soon and get started. We will have a very short time to make a lot, which gonna add to the challenge ;-)



    Please add you rnane if you are planning on working on the installation ReFunct Media @GLI.TC/H (that way I have a better idea of how many we are): http://working.gli.tc/forums/topic/participants/


    I ♡ Bryan(Totallyfuckinradical)’s idea of an electronic potluck
    This might be a nice way for folks to share devices and strategies… Should we provide a space for this? A pre-hacked smorgasbord display? A cornucopia of modded-obsolescence?

    I also agree with @recyclism that the ReFunct media installation is going to take a TON of effort… so, maybe, if you are going to bring warez to show/share… you need to also bring a piece of obsolete warez!? BYOZombie!?

    Key Master

    ooh BYOZ nnjom znnnnoomzom Zohmg.

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    I’m coming from L.A. with only a carry-on, but I think I can fit a vcr in there. I was going to use it for the VJ night, but I’m willing to donate it….as long as you guys don’t mind that I spray painted it a while back…!


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