Oct 262012

Working Groups, similar to Internet Working Groups are formalized/structured spaces for open/participatory development of GLI.TC/H threads (+related projects). The Working Groups are an online space for conversation + collaboration + planning leading up to the days of IRL activity (on Dec 6 – 9). Log-in, Dial-up, and Dig-in…

You can access the GLI.TC/H WorkingGroups here: http://working.gli.tc/forums/
You can create an account to the right under the Login panel… 

or skip/hop to a specific WorkingGroup: glossary glitchxxx cultures Hardware hacking and recycling strategies in an age of technological obsolescence ouLANGltchpo Supraconductor DNMw3rkstati0n collaboration && community projects


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  2. [...] provide pathways for folks to dig deeper into the many realms of glitches. You can hop over to the working groups to join in on the conversations and help shape GLI.TC/H [...]

  3. [...] GLI.TC/H 2112 IS FREE AND OPEN TO ALL INTERESTED PARTIES!!! To participate please visit: http://working.gli.tc/h [...]

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